Yahoo News Stokes ‘Otherism’ In Romney Mormon Article

Remember all the feature articles from the mainstream media back in 2008 where reporters took their video cameras and notepads and interviewed members of Barack Obama’s Black Liberation Theology church back in Chicago to get their reaction to the possibility of a member of their faith reaching the presidency?

No? I don’t either. Because, since 2007, bringing a candidate’s religion into the political discussion was horribly racist, even when that religion was proudly and largely political in nature.

And, even if there had been an article or two focused on members of Jeremiah Wright’s church back then, I doubt any of them would have been titled “Black-Liberation-Theologian-In-Chief” or started out like this.

“I don’t think Mormons are ready for a Mormon president,” Kim Gardner told Yahoo News when we visited her in Arlington, Va., last month. “I don’t know if the country is either.”

Why does Kim feel that way?  Yahoo is very helpful in this respect, actually.  It’s because she is a Democrat who disagrees with some of the basic tenets of her faith.  Imagine someone like that being the first person mentioned and quoted!  What are the odds?

“My Mormon friends and I talk about homosexual marriage and the place of gay people in our country almost every day,” Gardner, a Democrat and a supporter of same-sex marriage who works in market research, told Yahoo News. The issue has been a discussion point for her since 2008 when the Mormon church supported Proposition 8, which outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

You know who else supported California’s Proposition 8? Black churches.  You know who else? 52.24% of California’s voters.  The majority.  But now that they’ve focused your attention on their “fact” that Mormonism is basically homophobic, it isn’t long until the authors get into what they really want to discuss, how weird we’re supposed to think Mormons are.

Peter Jensen started going to a Mormon church when he was six years old. “Someone once said that the only difference between Mormons and the other major religions are that Mormons don’t have the luxury of hiding their skeletons in the mists of time,” says Jensen, a 37-year-old lawyer and self-described libertarian Republican. He says he will vote for Romney. “Having someone who’s president and a member of our faith will help dispel a lot of the old worries and concerns about who we are.”

And, just so we’re clear, the reason Romney won’t talk about being Mormon is because he doesn’t want to open himself up to answering questions about it.

“If he talked more about his core experiences as a Mormon, then people would understand that he’s a compassionate, empathetic individual,” Gilbert, a 31-year-old lawyer and Republican, told Yahoo News. “On the other hand, if he talks about it then he opens the door to people asking questions about Mormonism nonstop.”


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  1. Grace says:

    What does this mean “Mormons don’t have the luxury of hiding their skeletons in the midst of time”?

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