White Man Claims Racial Motivation In Trenton Attack

An unidentified white man says three black men he encountered on a Trenton bus “harassed, assaulted, knocked unconscious, and kidnapped” him before dumping him at the side of a Ewing road.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter called to say the three probably just needed a little counseling or some outreach to their community.

The rest of us just want this particular manifestation of Obama-era unrest to end.

The victim, a 35-year-old Trenton man, told police he woke up bruised and bloodied on the side of Route 29 near Lower Ferry Road in Ewing after the attack. He flagged down a passing township police officer who reported the incident to Trenton.

The man told police he got on a bus near South Clinton Avenue and West State Street, and that three young black males, all around 18 to 20 years old, began harassing him and yelling racial slurs at him because he was white.

The man said he got off the bus on Lee Avenue near his home, and went to a store on Sanhican Drive. When he came out of the store, police said, the same three young men were waiting for him.

Police said the victim reported that the three men continued to harass him, then started to assault him. The victim told officers that the three attackers grabbed him and threw him into a gray or silver Ford Taurus, where they continued to assault him, and he was knocked unconscious.