White House Releases Obama Birth Certificate

After nearly four years of speculation initially driven by supporters of Hillary Clinton and recently brought into the mainstream by potential GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, the White House finally released failed President Barack Obama’s “long form” birth certificate as a PDF file.

Just yesterday, White House spokesperson Jay Carney laughed off suggestions that they do so as a “distraction.”  Donald Trump is so sunk right now.  Obama is set to speak on the issue which was previously taboo to discuss at 9:45 AM.

The birth certificate, signed and dated at the time of the President’s birth, can be viewed here.

I don’t know what information, if any, is on there that Obama has been hiding all this time.  Was that so frickin’ hard?

On to the college transcripts and medical records!

Seriously, though, it was an interesting battering ram for a long, long time, but it’s over now.  I see some people are not moving on.  It’s time to.  We’ve got so much more against this guy than this.