Weird: San Francisco Reporter Dan Noyes Repeatedly Touched

Dan Noyes, a reporter on San Francisco’s ABC7, doesn’t like be man-handled by Lagunda Honda Hospital PR flack Marc Slavin.  PR flac Marc Slavin appears to like to man-handle ABC7 reporter Dan Noyes.  Hilarity ensues.

I mean, Noyes really, really doesn’t like it.  I wouldn’t either.  It’s creepy.  I hate people who act like this, and yes I mean I really hate them as human beings.

Noyes was investigating “alleged misuse of money meant to help ailing patients” according to the station.

One thought on “Weird: San Francisco Reporter Dan Noyes Repeatedly Touched

  1. DarkDays says:

    Wow. I’m with you. I’m skeeved by that uber-creepy behavior by Mark Slavin (Hi, I’m Mark Slavin; hi, I’m Mark Slavin, communications director here at…) Makes my skin crawl. And not in a homophobic way, really just a ‘Get the F out my face & space, Twerp’ way.

    Kudos to Noyes for keeping his sh!t together, a man of colossal self-restraint.

    Slavin is either squirrel-turds nuts, or trying to provoke a response. I think really the latter, but he evokes the former just too well.

    I need to pass this vid around and watch reactions… this may be better than 2G1C.

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