Wacky Activists Gather To Honor Dead Cow On Memorial Day

A group of wacked-out animal rights activists gathered on Memorial Day (of all days) to honor an escaped cow that died Friday after roaming around on I-295.


Attention left: This is why people hate you.  Memorial Day is for honoring our country’s fallen soldiers.  We eat dead cows on Memorial Day, we don’t hold vigils for them.

Rachel Ogden, of Westville, said the vigil was designed to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

“We’re activists, we fight for animal liberation, and we just decided that we needed to speak out for her,” Ogden said of Bareea. “We needed to fight the good fight for animal liberation.”

The chase, which led officials through Trenton and Hamilton, ended on I-295 when the cow died shortly after it was roped on the onramp around 9 a.m., police said.

Prior to entering the highway, Trenton animal control officers started pursuing the animal in Trenton before ultimately shooting it with tranquilizer darts in a Hamilton elementary school playground, police said.

The cow injured a slaughterhouse employee and a civilian who was trying to flee its charge.

I would fight to the death for my dogs, but even I am not so nuts about animals to not only hold a vigil for meat but hold it on Memorial Day.