Verizon FiOS Internet Outage Effects Mid-Atlantic States

A rare Verizon FiOS outage is affecting customers in at least Southeast Pennsylvania, and possibly in surrounding states like New Jersey and Delaware.

UPDATE: Seems resolved as of about 9:15 AM.  Sites that were not loading before are now loading FiOS-fast.


Most of the information I’m able to get about the outage comes from other FiOS customers complaining on Twitter, so it’s hard to tell what’s speculation and what’s right.  I’m putting this up because this is one of the few sites I’m actually able to reach, and I figure it’s probably the same for others who are having the problem.

Sometime overnight, maybe around 4AM, most web sites became unreachable to Verizon FiOS customers due to routing problems.  Other sites load just fine.  EMail seems to be working just fine.  It’s possible that this is the result of an upgrade gone wrong.

I’m able to get to Twitter and Google (and, obviously, this site). I’m not able to get to Facebook, Drudge, CNBC or most other sites I try.

One thought on “Verizon FiOS Internet Outage Effects Mid-Atlantic States

  1. Jeffry says:

    Same problem in Media, PA. Seems fine now. (5:45 PM)

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