Unions Fail: Wisconsin GOP Keeps Control Of Senate In Recall Elections

Public union thugs have failed to wrestle control of the Wisconsin Senate away from Republicans in Tuesday’s recall elections despite pissing away $32 million dollars of members dues.

Democrats needed to steal 3 seats away from Republicans in the 6 recall elections held tonight.  Republicans prevailed in 4.

Democrats narrowly picked up the seat formerly held by Republican Randy Hopper, whose wife accused him in March of leaving town with his 25-year old mistress.   They only won that recall by 1250 votes.

Democrats also outsted Dan Kapakne, whose district apparently always leaned Democrat.

The unions were expecting a rebuke of Republican Governor Scott Walker.  Instead, they gave him another mandate. Public sector unions are over in this country.  They are ineffectual and weak.

To quote the bongo banging protesters who destroyed the state capitol protesting Walker’s budget balancing measures: “This is what democracy looks like.”

Two Democrat Senators who fled to Illinois during the Wisconsin budget battle will face recall elections next week.  Based on what I’ve read from people who are familiar with the local politics, Republicans are likely to pick up at least one of those seats, leaving the net gain of the liberal temper tantrum in Wisconsin at one seat.

The long and short of it is this: If there is a “labor movement” in this country any more, that movement is showing a distinct limp.