Umm…Should Bill Clinton Speak Admiringly Of ISIS?

Creepy old lecher and former President Bill Clinton spoke highly of terror group ISIS during a recent speech at Georgetown University.

“Arguably the most interesting non-governmental organzation (sic) today, which proves the importance of inclusion by its short-comings but is formidable, is ISIS,” said Clinton.

“ISIS is a terrorist organization, an NGO, trying to become a state. That is, they don’t recognize any of the boundaries of the Middle Eastern countries as legitimate. They were all established, drawn largely by Westerners after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. And so when they go capture a place, they set up their own judicial system, they set up their own rule making, they set up whatever their social services are going to be. And the only thing is, you can’t disagree with them, or they’ll kill you.”

Uh, the what now?

This guy used to be a lot more fun.