Trump Won’t Prosecute Crooked Hillary Clinton

President-elect Donald Trump won’t pursue charges against vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton when he takes office in January according to campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Trump will, instead, focus on implementing his ambitious agenda to repair our broken country.

“I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the United States and things that sound like the campaign aren’t among them”

I’m pretty sure exactly zero people voted for Trump to see Sick Hillary locked up.  Everyone knew it was a tactic to make her unelectable, and it did. The only people making hay over it are #NeverTrump-ers who see it as some sort of vindication of their view that Trump can’t be trusted. Anyone with any sense knew “Lock Her Up” was a rallying cry, not a policy prescription.

I’m a Trump supporter, and if the team thinks that taking this distraction off the table and using their political capital elsewhere gives them the best chance of implementing the policies that I voted for, that’s fine by me.

Presidents simply don’t jail members of the previous administration, even when they are of a different political party.  This 2009 post at Real Clear Politics sums it up pretty well.

When Thomas Jefferson succeeded John Adams, a contest that put America on such a different footing that it is remembered today as the Revolution of 1800, he did not seek to put members of the Adams administration on trial. When Warren G. Harding followed Woodrow Wilson in the White House in 1921, he did not put Edith Galt Wilson on trial for usurping the office of the presidency after Wilson’s stroke. When Bill Clinton ended a dozen years of Republican rule in 1993, he did not try to prosecute Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush for deceiving the Congress over the Iran-Contra affair.

In the span of 220 years there have been 43 changes of presidents, and always this rule, never written but never broken, has prevailed: Presidents let their predecessors be judged by the merciless jury of history, not by the temporal verdicts of courts.