Trump Turns In Typical Republican Performance In NJ Poll

Donald Trump performs as one would expect a Republican presidential candidate to perform in the latest Fairleigh Dickinson poll of New Jersey residents.

Trump loses to presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton 52% to 36% in the poll, but receives a “strong” 77% of support from Republicans.

For comparison, in March of 2012 the same poll showed Mitt Romney losing to failed President Obama 50% to 37%, 13 points.  Romney went on to lose New Jersey to Obama 58.3% to 40.6%, 17.7 points.

Trump and Clinton are tied in South Jersey, but Clinton has a huge lead in North Jersey.  Trump wins 47%-40% among white voters, while Clinton wins 77%-13% among non-white voters.

“Fears that Republicans would abandon a Trump candidacy seem to be overblown, at least in New Jersey,” said Dan Cassino, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson and an analyst with the PublicMind poll. “There’s very little chance Trump could win New Jersey in November, but that’s true of basically any Republican presidential candidate.”

Of course, political newbs and establishment shills are using this entirely typical poll result as an ill advised battering ram against the GOP front runner.  Some of them can’t even do math.



16% is a “worse margin” than “Romney’s 2012 performance” of a 17.79% loss?  Is that Common Core math? Do tell.