Trenton Mayor Thinks Suburbanites Are Causing His Trash Problems

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson seems to think residents of surrounding non-filthy communities are responsible for the disgusting condition of his city.

trenton-trashPerhaps he hasn’t met an actual Trenton resident in a while?  They’re entirely capable of destroying the once-great city all on their own.  Plus, as far as I can tell, people in the suburbs are pretty much terrified to drive into Trenton for any reason, let alone for something like dumping off a few bags of trash that they could just as easily put out to their own curbs on their normal collection day.

In reality, the city of Trenton is probably unfit for suburban trash.  Dumping suburban trash in Trenton would probably be considered an urban improvement effort worthy of a state grant.

“They are not doing this in our townships, just to be honest,” Jackson said. “They are bringing it here because of the abandoned properties and we have to find ways and resources to sure them up so we are not a dumping ground.”

Jackson: “The filthy people in my filthy city aren’t making my city filthy, it’s the clean folks in the clean townships.”  Sure thing, sport.

Is anyone looking at that picture and thinking that all that trash didn’t come from the general vicinity?  You’ve got a filth problem, Eric.

“We are not going to tolerate it as we go into the summer season,” the mayor said.

The murders, though.  The murders we’ll tolerate.  And the crack dealers and tranny whores.