To Liberals: STFU About What Weapons I “Need”

I am so sick and tired of whiny liberals on FOX News like Kirsten Powers and Tamara Holder who use massacres like the one in Aurora, CO last week as an excuse to tell me what kind of weapons and ammunition I do and do not “need” access to.

And I’m tired of whiny squish “conservatives” like Bill Kristol who offer no push back or argument when those liberals presume to tell me what I “need.”

Look.  I’m no 2nd Amendment expert.  There are plenty out there who blog on that topic much better than I ever could. But I do know that the primary reason the Founders created the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was not so that I could arm myself against my fellow citizens who choose to engage in criminal activity, or so that I could hunt freely.

The reason the 2nd Amendment exists is the same reason the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th exist: So we can defend ourselves against the well-armed government if they should willy-nilly decide to oppress, detain or otherwise intimidate the citizenry. It’s the same reason why the military is not allowed to operate within the homeland, and also the reason why so many of us object to local and state police forces turning themselves into paramilitary operations.  It’s tyranny prevention.

Additionally, in the event of a near or total break down of government or society, we are meant to be able to defend ourselves against outside aggressors.

Now, this is not to say we’re all sitting out here every day holding off government forces and outside aggressors.  I’m not saying that the reason the government isn’t riding roughshod over us is because we’re armed and they know it.  Clearly, we don’t live in a society where we have to physically defend ourselves against our government.  That’s by design, though.

Why do we, unlike much of the world, have the kind of society where we don’t even think of the military rolling into our towns and taking them over?  It’s because, from our founding, the citizenry was intended to be well-armed.  Our system was set up to prevent us from becoming subjects of the government.  “The People,” as individuals, were meant to share power with “The States” and “The Government.” “The People” were not meant to be ruled by the other two.

So, in 2012, do we really “need” to be so well armed as to hold off an assault on our towns?  The reason we really don’t have to think about it is because it was set up two and a quarter centuries ago that we can.  It is part of the fabric of how the system was created.  And, if you look at places like Syria, Egypt, Iran or Libya or any one of a number of South and Central American countries, I’d rather be able to than not able to.

Plus, the whole point of America is that you don’t get to tell me what in the hell I “need.”

These points too often get lost in the day-to-day debate about “gun control.”