Think Progress Posts Fraudulent Tea Party Racism Video

Far-left blog Think Progress posted a 49-second video that purports to show racist underpinnings in the Tea Party movement before marking it “private” amid controversy about the source of the material used.

Unfortunately for the left, which really can’t seem to catch a break with their lies and smears these days, they couldn’t even cull 49-seconds of true racism from the words and deeds of the millions of Americans who have participated in Tea Party protests in the last year and a half.  The video relies heavily on signs produced by failed Tea Party infiltrators called “Crash The Tea Party,” and at least one statement from way back in 2006 when there was no Tea Party movement.

Can you imagine any other group of 1 million plus coming together over a year and a half where you’d have trouble finding 49-seconds worth of yahoos and have to make them up?

Confederate Yankee reports on the fraudulent and misrepresented images and words in the video as well as Think Progress’ subsequent attempts to hide their shameful smear.

[T]he video “liberally” makes use of counter Tea Party protesters and infiltrators, including “Crash the Tea Party” drones, in order to fabricate their view.The guy who claims “I’m a proud racist, I white” was actually driven out of the Tea Party protest he attempted to infiltrate.

Nice work, Think Progress!

Seconds later, Think Progress stitches together a series of posters they claim belong to Tea Party protesters.

Really, Think Progress?

Did you not think we’d remember the amusing signs your fellow liberals created for their little abortive “Crash the Tea Party” stunt in Boston? Let’s just say that some were more amusing than others, and some just showed pathetic and angry progressives often are.


You apparently didn’t like us promoting your video, and so you marked the version linked in that previous entry as “private”, blocking access to most users.

Merely blocking that video and replicating it elsewere doesn’t do you any favors, or save you any embarrassment. Amusingly, it it indicates that you know you have a problem, but that you simply don’t care to correct your lies.


“TEA PARTY ACTIVIST4” was filmed in 2006, long before the Tea Party movement was born (h/t DMC in DC).

Here’s Think Progress’ disgusting smear attempt (until they take it down again).