Thieves Steal Dog From Falls Policeman’s Yard

Thieves stole Seiger, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, from the yard of Falls police Sergeant Sven Beauchmin Tuesday afternoon.

UPDATE: Found.


Although Beauchmin is a K-9 officer, Seiger is not an active police dog. He is trained as one though.

Neighbors told Beauchmin that they saw two females in a car with New Jersey plates take Seiger from his yard.

What are neighbors for if not to sit idly collecting no useful information by while criminals victimize you and then tell you all about it later?

Seiger weighs about 75 pounds, is brindle in color and was wearing a leather collar.

“I went inside to get his food, went back outside and he was gone,” [Beauchmin] said.

A neighbor told him two women in a silver Nissan Maxima, roughly a 2005 model, with New Jersey plates, took the dog and drove off.

He said the only description of the alleged thieves is one was blonde and the other brunette.

If you know anything, you can reach Beauchmin at 215-949-9100.