The Supreme Court’s Obama Health Care Tax Decision

So the Supreme Court…

1. Gutted the broad definition of the Commerce Clause so every future social welfare program will have to be labeled a tax hike to pass Constitutional muster

2. Hung a giant, unpopular, regressive tax on the poor and middle class that he promised he’d never sign around Barack Obama’s neck 4 months before the election

3. Granted the 50 state waiver from the Medicaid scheme that Mitt Romney said he’d issue by Executive Order on Day 1 of his Presidency

4. Handed Mitt Romney the election, insuring it will be repealed anyway

5. Energized the right

…and I’m supposed to feel bad today?

Yeah, I’m pissed a John Roberts and, yeah, I wish it had been ruled unconstitutional as a whole, but as these things go this is pretty much a win. ¬†And the left is too stupid to even know it.