The “Herman Cain Staffer Smoking Like A Badass” YouTube Ad

You have a guy.  The guy has a mustache, a cigarette, and a “make my day” stare. You’re a Presidential candidate.  What else is there to do but turn the guy into an Internet ad?

The guy is Herman Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block.

I think it’s a goof.  I hope it’s a goof.  I’m on record saying that, sadly, Cain’s apparent cluelessness on foreign policy prevents me from supporting him.  If he was running for President of the Economy or President of Business Government Relations or President of Taxes, he’d have me 100%.  Unfortunately, though, foreign policy is a pretty big part of the job when you’re running for President of the United States.

Obama has, of course, completely screwed up American foreign policy for decades by inviting radical Islam into control of a number of countries under the guise of an “Arab Spring.” He’d still eat Cain alive in a debate, though, because he sounds credible on it. He’s completely wrong, but, unlike Cain, his statements make sense inside themselves.

This kind of ad, though, makes me desperately want to throw aside my misgivings and support Cain completely.

According to YouTube, the video is “unlisted, which means that “only those with the link can see it.”  I think it’s a weird, goofy little Easter Egg for supporters.  He’s already getting crap for it, though.

One thought on “The “Herman Cain Staffer Smoking Like A Badass” YouTube Ad

  1. tiny says:

    In,2006, Herman Cain donated $1 million of his own money in an attempt to encourage black voters to vote pro-life.


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