Teen Driver Gets Plea Deal In Robbinsville School Superintendent Death

The 17-year old female driver who struck and killed Robbinsville School Superintendent Steven Mayer and his dog in April has received a slap on the wrist for the early morning accident after making a plea deal.

Mayer and his dog were out for a jog when the driver, who was rushing to school for a bus trip, killed them both.  After pleading guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and careless driving, she will face only probation, a short suspension of her drivers license, and some community service for the deaths.  An outrage.

Reverse the genders and the driver would have been doing time for the Robbinsville-Edinburg Road deaths, which rocked the small community last April.

The student continued driving, though she knew the crash had occurred, Mercer County prosecutors have said. She drove to the nearby Pond Road Middle School and called 911, identifying herself and telling dispatchers that she thought she hit someone.

In June, police charged the teen with death by auto and related charges including using a cell phone while driving.