Obama DHS Official Pushes For Cable Cos To Add Al-Jazeera

Juliette Kayyem, (possibly former) Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs in Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security, wants US cable companies to add anti-Semitic, anti-American Arab propaganda channel Al-Jazeera to their lineups.  It will make Muslims feel good and prove that we’re open to all ideas, even those that are totally made up and antithetical to […]

Obama Administration Ending Color Coding Without Knowing What Comes Next

Everyone, including me, has made fun of the color-coded terror threat warning system at some point or another.  Now that the Department Of Homeland Security is ending it, however, it turns out it’s pretty hard to replace without tipping your hand to the terrorists and totally panicking people at a mall or public event some […]

Obama Played Politics With The Lives Of Troops In Afghanistan

You know, after reading both the New York Times’ and Washington Post’s stories about the early leaks from Bob Woodward’s new book “Obama’s Wars,” I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I can support the notion of keeping American troops in Afghanistan under Barack Obama’s “leadership” for even one more day.