Cory “Dumber Obama” Booker “Honored” Working With Sessions On Civil Rights In 2/2016

New Jersey Senator Cory “Dumber Obama” Booker, the attention whore who will break with tradition today and testify against fellow Senator Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General on the basis of made-up racial grievances, praised Sessions less than one year ago when the pair teamed up to give an award to civil rights activists.

The Republican Senators Who Don’t Mind Homeland Drone Assassinations Of American Citizens

I’m having trouble believing that there’s even a debate about whether the President of the United States, any President of the United States, has the Constitutional authority to order the assassination by drone of an American citizen on US soil who poses no imminent national security threat without first providing that citizen due process in […]

Oops: Looks Like Elizabeth Warren Practiced Law Without A License

While pretending to be an Indian Princess, Elizabeth Warren appears to have also been practicing law as a pretend lawyer in Massachusetts.  Although she has, at times, been licensed in Texas and New Jersey, it doesn’t look like she’s ever been licensed in Massachusetts, where she’s been running a practice out of her university office […]