Stranger Danger: Seemingly Fake “Elmo” (@Elmo_PBS) Posts As Official Elmo On Twitter

A warning for parents: A seemingly fake “Elmo” account, under the handle @Elmo_PBS, has popped up on Twitter. This account bears no “Verified” blue check mark and has a low, but growing, number of unsuspecting followers.  The account’s profile page features an image that says “The Official Elmo!”

DEFUND: NPR Execs Bash Tea Party, “Zionist” Media Influence

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and his crew, posing as members of a Muslim outreach group that was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, have captured National Public Radio executives on tape bashing Tea Party members as racist zealots, praising liberals as having superior intelligence, and nodding in agreement with the statement that “Jews do kind of control […]

Discussing Kennedy Assassination On 45th Anniversary: Racist

Because we elected the first African-American President two and a half weeks ago, running a special focused on the assassination of the first Catholic President is wrong, and that it happens to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the historic event doesn’t matter much.  Plus, it’s a real downer when we’re all jazzed up on […]