Spitzer Whore Drops ‘Governor X’ Hints On Radio

“Annie,” the prostitute who told the New York Daily News last week that, in addition to Eliot Spitzer,¬† another governor was among her clientele, appeared on Sirius XM’s Opie and Anthony show on Wednesday where several¬† hints were dropped about that governor’s identity.

Spitzer Whore: I Had Another Love Gov

Back in March I reported on a hooker the New York Daily News was calling “Annie,” who claimed that Ashlee Dupree was not former New York Governor Democrat Eliot Spitzer’s only paid love partner.¬† “Annie” made the provocative claim that Spitzer enjoyed role-playing as if he was over powering her and taking her against her […]

Ace: Obama “Girlfriend” Story About To Break Big

I thought it was a little odd that UK’s Daily Mail went with a story painting a claim I’d never before seen made as a “smear”: That Barack Obama got a little too involved with a female aide to his 2004 Senate campaign for angry Michelle’s liking, resulting in angry Michelle sending the woman packing […]