More Van Jones: Rallied For Mumia in 1999, Wore ‘Kanye Was Right’ Tee-Shirt in 2005

Of course the failed administration of Barack Obama knew about unconstitutionally appointed Green Jobs Czar Van Jones’ radical views.  After all, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is on video telling NutRoots Nation last month “We’ve been watching [Van Jones] for…as long as he’s been active out in Oakland in all the ways, that he has, […]

Van Jones Online: Communist Anti-Police Petition In 2006, 9/11 Truth Demand In 2002

At this point, the “Van Jones is a radical” pile-on seems almost academic. Unless the administration is entirely inept, Barack Obama’s Green Jobs Czar will clearly no longer be part of the equally-radical-but-better-at-hiding-it failed Obama administration at some point this weekend. The only real question that remains is whether the administration will be able to […]