Fitzpatrick Bangs Gavel On Democrats Hoyer and Van Hollen

Credit where it’s due.  Mike Fitzpatrick, our normally go-along-to-get-along “Republican” representative in Congress, banged the gavel to end an attempt by Democrats Steny Hoyer and Chris Van Hollen to introduce a bill to extend the cut in Social Security FICA funding by two months.  Congressional Republicans want to extend the FICA tax rate for a […]

Democrat Rep Tells Union Thug Crowd It’s Time To Get ‘Bloody’

Funny thing about the new civility; it’s just like the old civility.  Republicans are cowed into handing their balls to the nearest liberal at the door, and Democrats are empowered to say whatever increasingly abhorrent thing they want.  The only difference is now they do it while hiding behind the skirt of Gabrielle Giffords.