College Students Rail Against The Real World On ‘Trillion Dollar Day’

College students, spontaneously, in cities across the country, strangely and entirely coincidentally in concert with Obama’s pander of the week, decided to protest against the debt they have racked up attending overpriced colleges and universities on the day when all the money they borrowed supposedly will total one trillion dollars.

Liberals Really Do Hate Success

I wasn’t going to write anything about failed President Barack Obama’s Class Warfare “Buffett Rule” and the other components of his $1,500,000,000,000 tax hike proposal because the proposal has nothing to do with reality and wasn’t proposed to pass.  It was proposed to campaign on, and I’m not interested in promoting Obama’s campaign talking points.

Biden: Joe Not A “Real” Plumber

The Democrat ticket’s assault on ambition and attaining the American Dream continued this morning. Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden said Joe Wurzelbacher, the Ohio plumber to whom Barack Obama defended his class warfare tax strategy of “spreading the wealth,” isn’t a “real” plumber because he’s just a little too successful. America has been put […]