Ayers Comes Clean: ‘Family Friends’ With Obama

Exposing the lie in Barack Obama’s protestations that domestic terrorist William Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood” and “somebody who worked on education issues in Chicago that I know,” Ayers now admits in a newly written afterward to his memoir that he and Obama are “family friends.”

Report: Obama Shared Office With Ayers And Communist Leader

A blogger has managed to shed even more light on the close, long standing relationship between Presidential candidate Barack Obama and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, digging into the records of one of Ayers’ radical school charities and the tax filings of Chicago’s Annenberg Challenge, chaired by Obama, and finding that they shared the same street […]

Another “Fight The Smears” Lie Exposed: ACORN Edition

Damn you, inconvenient Internet!  Every time the Obama campaign attempts to lie on its “Fight The Smears” controversy whitewashing site, you prove it wrong. Today’s “Fight the Smears” lie, that Barack Obama “was never” a trainer for radical vote fraud group ACORN and “never worked for ACORN in any other capacity” is disproved by a […]

Obama: Member Of The Socialist New Party?

Through diligent use of Google and Archive.org, a weblog called Politically Drunk on Power has unearthed contemporary evidence from 1996 that shows Barack Obama ran for the Illinois Senate as a member of Chicago’s “New Party,” a Socialist entity created by the Democratic Socialists of America. The link between Obama and the New Party was […]

Illinois AG Investigates Obama’s Nowhere Garden

The Democrat Illinois Attorney General is investigating a $100,000 earmark grant Barack Obama awarded to a former campaign volunteer for a botanical garden that never got built. [S]tate records obtained by the [Chicago] Sun-Times show $65,000 of the grant money went to the wife of Kenny B. Smith, the Obama 2000 congressional campaign volunteer who […]

Obama Cited Ayers Association As Qualification In 2000 Run

In 2008, sitting in front of Bill O’Reilly, Barack Obama may only remember unrepentant Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers as “some guy I know.” But in a newly unearthed video (below) shot during his failed House of Representatives bid in 2000, Obama cited his association with the man who bombed the Capitol and Pentagon […]