Surprising No One, Fitzpatrick Seems Ready To Cave On Obamacare

PA-8’s own Mike Fitzpatrick seems ready to capitulate to Senate Democrats and the President by caving on funding for Obamacare.

Yeah, I’m back, and I’m pissed.  Can’t do this one in 140 characters.

Despite voting just days ago to defund the President’s disastrous health care take-over and later voting to delay it’s mandate that individuals buy costly insurance plans they don’t want or need, the Philadelphia Inquirer says Fitzpatrick is ready to “back a ‘clean’ spending bill that funds the government without any other policy demands, as President Obama and Democrats have insisted on.’

Patrick Murphy was defeated by Fitzpatrick in the 2010 Congressional election specifically for passing Obamacare.  Fitzpatrick, along with a tidal wave of other Republican representatives, was victorious in the 2010 Congressional election specifically to end Obamacare.  Voting to fund Obamacare has the same effect as voting to pass Obamacare. Voting to allow Obamacare to roll out unencumbered has the same effect as voting to pass Obamacare. This is not what he was elected to do, and this is not what he promised to do if elected.

There are no perfect fights.  In a fight, everyone gets a little bloody. Tying this fight to the Continuing Resolution was probably not the best strategic maneuver.  But this is the fight we’re in now, and the absolute worst move you can make is to shut down the government for a day, garnering all the negatives and big-media wrath that action has to offer, and then give in the next day.  It is stupid.

If you can’t stand up against a law that most people hate, that people voted you into office to oppose, and that is clearly a privacy destroying job killing rate hiking disaster from beginning to end, then exactly what can we count on you to stand up against?

Fitzpatrick, from Bucks County, issued a statement saying he has supported a spending bill at current funding levels. An aide said he would back that approach if it was presented for a vote.

“Americans want their government to remain open and want to see public officials resolve our differences to put our country back on the right track,” Fitzpatrick said in a statement.

I’m kind of pissed and a little surprised here, because Fitzpatrick has been so damn good on this issue up until now. I’m also well aware that the media’s MO is to foster division within the ranks and make the party seem hotly divided when, in reality, the House has been fairly unified on this issue. As such, I have asked Fitzpatrick to comment on this report and will add his response, if any, when received.

And, yeah, I changed the title because I’m trying harder these days not to give in to my natural inclination to be a dick.

UPDATE: 10/2 @3PM – More than 12 hours later, and still no response from my “Representative.” Funny, when you thank him for voting the right way you get an almost immediate response. I think this “no response” is a response.

UPDATE 10/3 @NOON – Here’s the answer.  RINO Mike on the back bench among the Obamacare Cave Crew.