SURPRISE: RINO Mike Fitzpatrick In Top 10 Liberal Congressional Republicans

RINO Mike Fitzpatrick, who many readers rushed to defend from my charges that he was a left-wing environut RINO when he ran to regain his seat in 2010, is the tenth most liberal Republican in Congress.

In 2005, RINO Mike was the 24th most liberal Republican in Congress.

In fairness to the “Mike is not a RINO” defenders, they may have been duped by Fitzpatrick’s 2010 lie that he had undergone a conservative conversion during the time when he wasn’t in office and had adopted the viewpoint of the Tea Party.

Guess not.

I’d love to hear from the readers who freaked out on me for pointing out RINO Mike’s 24th most liberal status now that he’s “improved” to 10th most liberal.

All apologies will be accepted graciously.

The list is compiled by the National Journal.

The ratings are based on 105 House votes on economic, social and foreign issues in 2011.

2 thoughts on “SURPRISE: RINO Mike Fitzpatrick In Top 10 Liberal Congressional Republicans

  1. Righton says:

    Apologize? You’re still wrong. The National Journal ratings system is complicated and easy for us regular folk to misinterpret. Yet you believe the Nat’l Journal confirms your ancient belief that Congressman Fitzpatrick is a Liberal. Crazy. All they were looking for, in their own words: “Our goal is to describe how they voted in comparison with one another.” In comparison with one another. That could mean Fitzpatrick is more of an independent. But if you want to see where he (and the others) fall on the political spectrum, in this term, check out the American Conservative Union ratings that just came out. It shows our congressman is actually a “moderate,” leaning right. And what do you know, he’s more “conservative” than previous 8th district congressmen. So, stop using the L-word. And if you’re nice, BucksRight should apologize to the moderate congressman and his conservative friends.

    • Steven says:

      Facts are stubborn things. The National Journal rating is the standard. Before, he was the 24th most liberal Republican. Today, he is the 10th. Those are the facts. “Liberal” is their description, not mine. Fact of the matter is, the guy lied about who he had become and what he was going to do when he was running in the 2010 primary.

      People who call themselves conservatives and support the 10th most liberal Republican in Congress are no more accurate than those who call themselves moderates and support the #1 most liberal President in history.

      The cult of emotions around this guy is astounding. Same people who were jumping up and down about “Juan McCain” and Arlen Specter stand shoulder to shoulder with Congress’ Arlen Specter: Mike Fitzpatrick.

      And the defense of RINO Mike is that he is “Moderate, leaning right” in another ranking? That’s almost an acceptable, I guess. For a Democrat. 56.67 out of 100, and this is the BEST defense you’re able to offer? Liberal Chris Smith out of NJ – NEW FREAKING JERSEY!!! – sits at 60!

      In Congress, you are what you vote for. Not what you say to get elected when you’re running in a contested primary for the first time in your life, not what your press releases say your values are, but what you vote for. RINO Mike votes with the Democrats more than he should. Period.

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