Surprise! Mike Fitzpatrick Is More Liberal Than Conservative

The National Journal’s ideological rankings for Congress are out and, surprising absolutely no one, it turns out PA-8 “Republican” Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is more liberal than conservative.

RINO Mike “earned” a 50.7% liberalism score and only a 49.3% score as a conservative.  This ties Fitzpatrick with Florida’s “Republican” lifer Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as the 9th most liberal “Republican” in Congress.

Has anyone come out and asked him whether he voted for Mitt Romney last November?

There are NO Democrats in the House whose conservative score is higher than their liberal score. NONE.

In other fantastic news – fantastic if you despise the Constitution and love 8% unemployment – Pennsylvania’s own Senator Bob Casey 63.7% liberal.  Great work, PA.

There is some legitimately good news for PA, though.  Pat Toomey is 92.8% conservative, making him the 4th most conservative Senator behind Risch, Cornyn, and DeMint.

One thought on “Surprise! Mike Fitzpatrick Is More Liberal Than Conservative

  1. pat wandling says:

    Are you kidding me? I follow the definitive ratings from the American Conservative Union – based on votes that favor conservative principles, etc. Check it out. ACU congressional ratings.
    Fitzpatrick is right of center — mid-60s rating He is a moderate leaning right.
    His votes on the environment, no doubt, moved the dial toward the left, but he is not (God forbid) a liberal.

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