Strong Woman Megyn Kelly Spends Most Of Year Terrified Of Pixels

Self-serving fading star Megyn Kelly spent most of the year after she sandbagged President-Elect Donald Trump with a biased debate question in fear of reading bad things about herself on Twitter.

Kelly is hawking a book all about how great it is to be a strong empowered woman.

“He couldn’t let it go for so long,” she said of Trump, “and there was a time when I wondered if he’d ever let it go.”

Many have commented on the sang-froid with which Kelly seemed to respond to all this. But she said she was afraid — for her safety and her family’s and for her reputation as a journalist trying to cover the story and not be the story.

Sure.  If there’s one thing you can say about Megyn Kelly, it’s that she absolutely never wants to be the story.

In seeking a meeting with Trump, Kelly said, she took her fate into her own hands — “settling for more.” The book’s description of the encounter goes much further. “I felt like a hostage whose hostage taker was seeing her as a human being for the very first time — who needed to believe that he would let her go,” Kelly wrote.

On the bright side, Megyn has lost most of her audience and any goodwill she’d built up among a lot of conservatives during the time at FOX when she was pretending not to be an unhinged Social Justice Warrior.

By [the] time [of her April meeting with Trump] , Kelly said, she was weary of the abuse prompted by Trump’s string of insulting social media posts. In the interview, Kelly declined to comment on what she said or did at her Trump Tower meeting to get him to stop.

Cried. You know she cried.

She’s also very forthcoming about her alleged sexual harassment by former FOX boss Roger Ailes, which she kept quiet for over a decade until someone in a much weaker position to do so took Ailes on and lost her job over it.  Strong feminist.