Smith Only 2 Points Behind Casey In PA Senate Race

Panic time libs.  Republican challenger Tom Smith has pulled to within 2 points of Democrat absentee Senator Bob Casey in the 2012 Pennsylvania Senate race.

Casey now leads Smith 46% to 44% in the latest Susquehanna Polling and Research poll, released today.  The difference is within the poll’s 3.7% margin of error.

I’m wondering if Casey’s dishonest “Tea Party Tom” ads have been having a positive effect for Smith.  Besides containing Politifact’s 2011 Lie of The Year – that Ryan budget Medicare changes would effect current seniors – it uses “Tea Party” as some kind of epithet, and I believe this is a strategic mistake.  I don’t think Independents hate the idea of smaller government and lower taxes as much as Liberals believe they do.

Casey held a 9-point 45% to 36% lead in July’s Susquehanna poll.  It looks like Casey’s support is stagnant and Smith has room to grow further.  Looks like Mitt Romney might have some coattails.

Casey was one of only 7 Senators to vote to continue funding Barack Obama’s vote fraud and bank intimidation outfit ACORN.

A nearly inconsolable Politics PA reports…

Smith was alone on television in the Philadelphia media market for much of the last month. That likely contributed to his narrow 47 percent to 46 lead in Philly’s suburban counties.

SP&R did not release crosstabs, but the polling memo included a few other observations.

Smith needs to solidify his base. Casey, a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat, is pulling 19 percent of self-identified conservatives and is outperforming President Obama by 12 points in the conservative “T” of central Pa.

PA Republicans need to get with the program and get off this idea that Casey is some kind of moderate. He brought you Obamacare. That’s all you need to know.

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