Slow Joe: My Base, You’ll Be Arrested For Improper Voting In November

Joe Biden told a crowd of fat cat donors to Maria Cantwell’s Washington Senate campaign that “Republicans have changed the law so you get arrested if you do vote.”

This is an excellent message, and I hope he repeats it to various groups within his base many times between now and November.

I’ll even write it for him so he can insert it into his stump speech: “Yes, Obama and Democrat voters, there is a very good chance you’ll be arrested for voting.  So, please, think twice before heading to the polls in November.”

Apparently, he was joking or something according to the slavish pool reporter. I love it when stupid people tell jokes.  It always comes off so well.

Recalling a story that Cantwell had told as she was introducing him about crying as a little girl because she thought one of her neighbors had said she wasn’t going to vote and Cantwell feared she would be arrested, Biden said it wasn’t much different today. “Republicans have changed the law so you get arrested if you do vote,” he said, apparently joking. He cited efforts in Pennsylvania, Ohio and elsewhere “to essentially try to intimidate people, taking people off the roles.”

“This is not your father’s Republican Party,” he said.