Scantily-Clad Trenton Ladies In Late-Night Fight At Ewing, NJ’s Two Peters Diner

A handful of scantily-clad “ladies” and two giant dudes beat the crap out each other with the furniture in a late-night fight at Ewing, New Jersey’s Two Peters Diner last Friday night.

It’s technically Ewing, but anyone familiar with the area knows that it’s Trenton through and through. Don’t let the term “ladies” fool you; this is not the erotic cat-fight video you’ve been waiting for. These “ladies” are well-fed.

I actually used to go to this diner on occasion during the mid-90s back when it was called the Parkside Diner; always during the day. Even then, the area was teetering on being not-so-great and not some place you’d want to be at 3:30 in the morning.

Trenton’s crack Police department managed to arrest one brawler. They say they’ll arrest more if another victim wants to file charges for assault.

How about arresting someone for the actual behavior? How about holding these animals financially accountable for their actions?

Restaurant owner Peter Gromitsaris said he was devastated by the fight and doesn’t even want to view the video.

“The people are acting like animals,” he said. “Even animals don’t act that way.”

Ewing police were called to the diner at approximately 3:30 a.m. and one arrest was made, according Lt. Rocco Maruca.

Amon Baldwin, 32, of Ewing, was charged with simple assault, Maruca said.

“He had punched the victim who was a 26-year-old female out of Trenton,” Maruca said. “He punched the victim in front of the officers.”

Police would not release the victim’s name.

One woman refused medical treatment at the scene.

The lieutenant said more charges might be filed against some of the people involved if another victim signs complaints for simple assault.

WARNING: When you watch the video, and you will watch the video, you’re going to see some things you don’t want to see like flabby ass and boob.  You’ll also hear a lot of bad, bad words.

The Smoking Gun has some more information about Amon Baldwin, the lone participant arrested for the incident.

Baldwin is a recent graduate of the Empire Beauty School at Bordentown, where he studied cosmetology and hairstyling.