Rutgers Wants Minority Mascots, Washington Redskins Completely Confused

The students at Rutgers “University” are demanding that their traditional white knight mascot be updated to a series of mascots reflecting the races and genders (apparently there are now more than two) and sexual preferences that make up the “university’s” student body.

scarlet-knightAll members of the Washington Redskins organization were just seen banging their heads into a desk moaning, “what do you want from us?”  Yesterday, mascots of different races were bad.  Today they’re a social justice warrior demand.  No one can keep up.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knight mascot has existed since 1955.

Rutgers University’s newspaper says the student assembly is rallying for a team of Scarlet Knights – a more diverse one they say that includes a Latino, Asian and black mascot, a woman and even third gender knight.

Different student organizations would decide which one represents them best.