Run, Jennifer, Run: AFP’s Stefano Considering Primary Challenge Of Fitzpatrick

GrassrootsPA posted a delicious, unlinked tease tonight that I couldn’t let go by.

Everyone knows Mike Fitzpatrick’s pattern.  Post-election, Mike Fitzpatrick is RINO Mike.  But pre-election, especially during primary season, Mike Fitzpatrick turns into Tea Party Mike. So, in my book, a viable challenger from the right that keeps Fitzpatrick in “Tea Party Mike” campaign mode for as much of his two-year term as possible is a good thing.  At worst, it keeps Fitzpatrick in line.  At best, we get an actual conservative in the 2012 race against the Bucks County Democrats, who have no one.

As we saw in last week’s NY-09, the 2010 anti-Democrat tsunami is only accelerating into 2012.  As I contended in 2010, we need to run the most conservative candidate who can win, and it looks like that marker keeps moving to the right.

8 thoughts on “Run, Jennifer, Run: AFP’s Stefano Considering Primary Challenge Of Fitzpatrick

  1. No Rino says:

    So Tea Party spokesperson Stefano thinks she should try to undo Fitzpatrick for his alleged Rino tendencies? This seem like posturing to enhance or strengthen the individual , the tea party or keep Fitzpatrick in line — and less about philosophical differences. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go against liberal Democrats, than eat your own?
    I’m disappointed in Stefano and the friends behind the scene, if this is true. It says a lot.

    • Steven says:

      Aren’t all primaries “eating your own?” Are you proposing that we never have a primary if an incumbent is running? I guess the public should be taken totally out of the equation, and 2 or 3 people at Bucks County Republican HQ should always just anoint a candidate like in 2010.

    • LBucks Voter says:

      I actually hope she runs, then maybe she will realize that she is not really that indicative of any grassroots efforts within the GOP and is merely and outsider who wants to be on the Inside. I also predict that she will lose in similar fashion as Gloria Carlineo who was pummeled in a primary against Mike. She essentially ruined herself as a viable part of any plausible future leadership by throwing insults and untrue statements.
      Just as Carlineo didn’t get it, neither will Stefano, the district is a moderate district and an extreme right or left message will not succeed.

  2. No Rino says:

    Do I get another reply?
    Anyone has a right to run in a primary election. The value of a primary is not in question, the motivation of the would-be candidate is.

  3. LBucks Voter says:

    Stefano is more interested in promoting herself instead of her supposed values. As time passes it becomes more self evident.

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