RUMOR: 94 WYSP Will Flip To WIP Simulcast By Labor Day

Radio columnist Dan Gross reports “strong rumors” that perennial Philadelphia rock station WYSP will flip formats and become the FM simulcast of AM sports talk titan WIP “around Labor Day.”

8/18 UPDATE – CONFIRMED: WIP-AM Will Move To 94.1 On September 6.

With a confused, fluid, amorphous format since 1973, WYSP has been a constant ratings under-performer.  The station’s only ratings saving grace was carrying the tremendously popular Howard Stern Show from 1986 until the end of its terrestrial radio run.

WIP program director Andy Bloom said that he could neither confirm nor deny the rumor but that there were rumors about the stations all the time. CBS Radio market manager Marc Rayfield said essentially the same thing.

But CBS Radio recently flipped two underperforming music stations – WJZ FM in Baltimore and WBZ in Boston – to sports.