Rubio: Legitimizing Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty Is Job One

Great news out of Marco Rubio’s campaign – he’s very excited about legitimizing failed president Barack Obama’s first executive amnesty.  In fact, he’s so juiced about it that he’d do it before securing the porous US border.

Rubio’s chief spokesman Alex Conant tells Breitbart that Rubio would replace Obama’s illegal order with a legislative version that does the same thing.  Conant uses the Obama rhetorical trick of calling the recipients of Rubio’s proposed amnesty “the kids,” but we all know that, not only are they not just “kids,” but also that in reality the amnesty would extend to their entire families, including the parents who brought them here illegally.

“No,” Alex Conant said when asked if the border would need to be secured before a President Rubio’s legislative amnesty for recipients of Obama’s 2012 DACA would replace that executive amnesty.

Rubio intends to, if elected to the White House—as he laid out in a Spanish-language interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos this weekend and was subsequently confirmed by Conant—eventually undo DACA. But he would not do so until there is a legislative replacement that provides the legal status—or amnesty—to DACA recipients on a permanent basis.

“For the sake of argument let’s deal with the kids separately,” Conant said. “We wouldn’t repeal the executive order for the kids on day one, and we would work to replace it with legislation—well, he wouldn’t work to replace it, he would replace it with legislation that gave them a permanent legal solution to their status.”