Ron Paul Fans Feel Verizon’s FiOS Internet Outage Is Directed At Them

Verizon FiOS customers in the mid-Atlantic states have been having intermittent difficulty connecting to certain web sites since early Tuesday morning.

Technically minded folks think it’s the fault of a problem router in the system, but – surprise! – Ron Paul supporting conspiracy theorists think its an evil corporate plot designed to prevent them from accessing information about Ron Paul’s juggernaut campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

I am alarmed by the fact that, during this so-called “outage,” numerous Ron Paul sites were down, including the Daily Paul. BUT Mitt Romney’s site was up. I could access but NOT controversial Glenn Greenwald at Salon. I couldn’t get to Lew Rockwell, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere people were leaving comments. HuffPo was up, but the comments were unreachable.

Was it just a random coincidence that the more politically volatile sites were down, and I couldn’t reach current commentary ANYWHERE?

The comments are equally, if not more, hilarious.

“They”…and believe it or not, there is a “they”…may have been testing how capably they could enforce SOPA, and monitoring the reaction on social media once it was restored.

“They” have all kinds of capabilities and agendas, and occasionally we get to see the sinister plots “they” are forcing on us, like the TSA, strip searches for minor offenses, drone surveillance, data mining, attaching GPS’s to vehicles, and so on.

Serious candidate.  Serious supporters.  Only the best and brightest need apply.