Romney Should Flip The Bird When Asked For More Tax Returns

The fact that Republicans – REPUBLICANS – are running around saying that Mitt Romney should release more tax returns makes me literally want to wretch.  Like, “I can feel it at the back of my throat right now” literal.

Democrats are always on message and on board up and down the line, especially in election years.  And, those who dare to step out of line like Corey Booker and Ed Rendell did on the Bain thing about a month ago, are taken to the woodshed and read the riot act.

Not our guys, though. Establishment Republicans are so eager to please the left-leaning dinosaur media, they’ll throw each other and us under the bus in a second.

We have nothing – NOTHING – in the way of records of Barack Obama’s life or existence prior to the year or two before he ran for US Senate.  Blah, blah, Birth Certificate, Trump.  Yeah, I know.  But how about normal things, like college transcripts or medical records? Are those too personal?  OK, then.  How about WORK OUTPUT FROM THE GODDAMN ILLINOIS SENATE?  Those records are mysteriously missing.  Everything is missing.  We’ve got two stupid autobiographies full of “composite” information that may or may not have been made up by an author that may or may not have actually been Barack Obama, and that’s it.

We can’t see those documents, we can’t see the government we pay for’s Fast and Furious documents, we can’t see anything.  But Mitt Romney should be subjected to a financial rectal exam from the media that works for the Obama campaign?  They’re already in a knuckle deep with lies about the information they do have, we want to spot them the second unlubed knuckle too?

Hey, big media Los Angeles Times: Where’s the Barack Obama / Rashid Khalidi of PLO Fame tape? Did you think we forgot?


John Nolte agrees.

[I]t’s not a perfect and when the world’s not perfect — whether you’re talking world peace or Romney releasing his tax returns — unilateral disarmament is nothing more than suicide.

Right now the media and some Republicans are putting intense pressure on our nominee to release at least five years of his tax returns. Which is another way of demanding Mitt Romney hand six-feet of oppo-research over to Team Obama.

And Romney’s being told he should do this even though a number of independent fact-checkers not usually sympathetic to Republican candidates have accused the Obama campaign of lying in most of their attacks on Romney

And Romney’s being told he should this even though the media is not making Obama pay a price for lying but is instead standing back in awe at how effecting his shameless demagoguery is.

So we have an opposition campaign we know is willing to lie-lie-lie and we have media referees who we know are standing in awe of the other team’s fouls instead of taking points away — and this is the environment even some Republicans are demanding Romney hand over six feet of oppo-research?