Reuters Deja Vu: Home Prices Bad This Year, Great Next Year, Just Like Their 2011 Prediction

Last night, Reuters reported that home prices will remain depressed this year, but all we need to do is wait just a little tiny bit longer for them to come shooting back up again because recovery is just around the corner on our current path!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The relentless decline in home prices is nearing an end and prices should rise for the first time in seven years in 2013…

Unless, of course, they don’t come shooting back up again, which is also possible.

…but a possible new wave of foreclosures could threaten the recovery, according a Reuters poll of economists.

Way to hedge your bets, there, you Obama cheer leading doofuses.

That prediction sounded kind of familiar.  And it should, since the Obama loving media has been predicting an economic boom in one sector or another that never seems to materialize but is always just around the corner since January 20, 2009.

Guess what Reuters predicted on housing last year.

(Reuters) – The struggling U.S. housing market is expected to fall a little further as it searches for a bottom, but home prices are seen ticking up modestly in 2012, according to a Reuters poll released on Friday.