Report: Obama Expects Specter To Lose

CBS News’ Bob Scheiffer reports that the Obama regime expects Arlen Specter to lose tomorrow’s Democrat primary against raging liberal Joe Sestak.

Specter has been running an ad that prominently features Barack Obama extolling Specter’s dubious virtues, specifically pointing out that Specter was the deciding vote in passing the $787 billion failed stimulus boondoggle.

“I have been told on background and so forth that the White House is preparing for a Specter loss here, and the White House doesn’t want to be associated with that,” Schieffer told [KYW CBS3].

Considering that the only Specter ad I’ve seen in the past week features Obama and the timing of that ad roughly corresponds to the timing of Specter’s collapse in the polls, I don’t see how Obama will avoid being “associated with that.”

Barack Obama’s path of destruction in endorsing candidates continues.