Reminder: Flat Out Stupid People Like Frederica Wilson Write Laws You Must Obey

With people like Dennis Kucinich, Hank Johnson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barney Frank and Frederica Wilson wandering around in there, it’s easy to think about Congress as a kind of freak show or center of entertainment. Never forget, though, that while these obviously stupid and possibly deranged people may be perfectly harmless walking around among the general population at the movie theater or Dairy Queen, they are as dangerous as hell in Washington writing laws you have to obey under threat of jail or fine.

So be afraid, very afraid, of Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson, who, as shown in the clip below, feels students should just be shuffled from grade to grade with no standardized way to check on whether they’ve actually learned anything. Obviously, she’s benefited from a little bit of this in her lifetime. And be afraid of the voters who keep putting her back in office. They’re the same people who couldn’t figure out how to vote correctly in 2000.

Early in her career, Wilson was an elementary school principal and school board member. ┬áLet’s try to figure out why the public school system is so screwed up, shall we?