Reid On Obama’s Super Urgent Jobs Bill Stimulus Boondoggle: Probably At A Later Time

On the stump, failed President Barack Obama is quick to urge Congressional Republicans to pass his latest stimulus package “right away,” but Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is delaying a debate and vote on Obama’s renewed slush fund.

Hey, Obama makes a big deal out of this new stimulus and the Taker Party promptly lose a House seat in heavily-Democratic New York City.  Reid is no fool.  Anything this disasterous SCoaMF proposes is poison.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do yet with the president’s jobs bill, but we’re going to have a full caucus meeting on it on Thurs,” Reid told reporters, saying merely that he had introduced the bill Tuesday. A number of Democrats have previously opposed some of the ideas in the bill.

When asked if he had the votes to pass the legislation as is, the leader said only, “We’ll see probably at later time.”