Rachel Maddow Is Butthurt Weiner Lied Again

Rachel Maddow took to her little-watched MSNBC show yesterday to whine and stomp her feet about how Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner lied to the press regarding his unstoppable impulse to tweet pictures of this schlong to young girls who are not his wife.

What she’s really complaining about is being too stupid or invested in Liberalism to see through the lie. There are two parties involved in a successful lie: The person telling the lie and the idiot who is too blind to see that it is a lie.

You’re not a victim, sister. You’re a perp. She knows it, too, but she’s too ashamed to admit she was a willing dupe for this long-time freak.

There are a whole bunch of us who were never fooled.  Then there were those who were not only willfully fooled, but also launched vicious attacks against the people spreading the truth.  Maddow is in the second camp.  When Weiner was first exposed as a pervert during Memorial Day weekend of 2011, she participated in a smear campaign against the people who were bringing the truth to light, accusing them of hacking Weiner’s Twitter account.

Even before he admitted it, you had to work pretty hard to come to the conclusion that there was nothing but a right-wing smear to this story. Yet Maddow and her MSNBC brethren did just that for days, launching accusations rather than reporting the news as it was. She went out of her way to find evidence to back up the lie.

But remember, FOX is biased FAUX News.

Here she is twisting herself into a manly, ugly pretzel to deny the truth, using the Daily Cooze of all things as a reputable source, days after it was clear to everyone else that Weiner was a horrible pervert.

This is liberalism: Denying obvious truths and attacking anyone who dares to note them.