President-Elect Trump Rocks Press By Eating Dinner

The delicate flowers of the Presidential press pool were shaken to their core last night when President-elect Donald Trump went to the 21 Club in New York for dinner with his family after telling them his night was over.

It’s like Arrow Season 1 when Oliver Queen used to give Diggle the slip at night to go out and save the city, except people actually like Diggle.

Their reaction was as you would expect that of a spoiled, entitled group with an over inflated sense of their own importance to be; petulance.

Strangely, as The Federalist notes, this didn’t seem to be much of a problem when then President-elect Obama ditched the press to go to a Hawaii amusement park in 2008 or, as President in 2010, to golf at the G-20 summit.

Last night with a new President, though, it was a different story.

One of them was in the restaurant by coincidence and snapped a photo.  Being a vaunted member of the press, she got the name of the restaurant (that she herself was dining in at the time) wrong.

This set the pool reporters off into cabs all over the city looking for Trump.

A bunch of people who have made no secret of the fact that they hate Trump and think he’s “Orange Hitler” then pretended to be very offended that the man who was elected a week ago to smash protocol had smashed protocol.

LOL. “solemn”  He’s got no governing responsibilities right now.  He wanted to enjoy a meal with family absent the vomit stares of the vultures who tried to destroy him personally and professionally for a year and a half.

207 more weeks of these presstitute meltdowns over nothing and a second term is assured.