President Downgrade Thinks Psalm 46 Talks About Bending To Your Superiors

Human gaffe machine and failed President Barack Obama mangled a biblical reference to bows and spears and chariots as instruments of war, pronouncing “bow” as the action commoners take when meeting their superiors (like when Obama went around bowing to every other world leader he met).

In Psalm 46, the reference to bow being broken is followed by references to a spear and a chariot burned in fire.  Still, the context clues weren’t enough to keep President Downgrade on track.

This is the same guy who doesn’t know the difference between an inhaler and a breathalyzer, thinks there are 57 states, says Lincoln founded the Republican party and claimed to see fallen soldiers in the audience of a Memorial Day speech.

Don’t laugh too hard, though.  Remember Mediaite’s resident Obama excuse generator Tommy Christopher assures us that “gaffes will just never be Obama’s ‘thing’.”  The Journolist will make sure of that.