Politico Hires Guy Who Said GOP Likes To Party While Black People Drown

Surprise! Unserious left-wing smear site Politico has hired former Yahoo News Washington bureau chief David Chalian, who was fired during last summer’s Republican Convention after saying on the air, in reference to Hurricane Isaac, that Republicans were “happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

It was a joke, you see.  Just one virulent left-wing activist with a byline joking around with other virulent left-wing activists with bylines.  It doesn’t – couldn’t, actually – effect the coverage he provides.  Why would it? How could it? These are professionals, of course. Of course.

Chalian will be helping to forward Politico’s mission: To smear Republicans with vicious lies and run interference whenever negative information about the failed Obama administration begins to gain traction.  Dude will fit right in.

Chalian’s history is a laundry list of left-wing agitprop sources.

His mission at POLITICO is simple: build on the tremendous success of our video team and POLITICO LIVE shows. The production quality and content of our videos, the graphics and marketing efforts are second to none. It will be David’s mandate to take a winning product and take it to the next level as POLITICO continues to innovate across existing and new platforms.

David most recently served as the Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo! News, where he directed its political coverage across the entire Yahoo! Media Network. In addition to campaign politics, he managed editorial coverage of the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Prior to joining Yahoo! News, David was the political editor for PBS NewsHour, where he guided all of the political coverage across the program’s broadcast and digital platforms. He also served as an on-camera political analyst, appeared in regular political webcasts on the Online NewsHour and co-authored the NewsHour’s daily political newsletter.

He was just making a joke, you see. Funny how these impartial journalists’ jokes are always partial to one political party.  Maybe that’s what Maniacal Joe was laughing at last night during the Vice Presidential debate.