Political Correctness Sidelines Pretty Greek Olympic Hopeful

The Political Correctness Police Force has sidelined pretty Greek track star Voula Papachristou after she tweeted a joke.  She will not be allowed to participate in the 2012 Olympics.

The point of the Olympics is to be able to watch the combination of professional level sports and physically fit, exotic and sometimes beautiful women in skimpy outfits. It’s like hiring strippers for a Superbowl party, but you don’t have to hire the strippers because they’re actually out on the field locked in competition.  It’s like the Lingerie Bowl that your wife lets you watch because it’s actual athletes. Now the Greek Olympic Committee has taken a little slice of that joy away from us, and for that I am bitter.

Something called Tecca reported the story and totally screwed up the joke in the process.  I don’t speak Greek, but here’s how it probably should have translated:

With so many Africans in London, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will be eating home cooking!

Here’s how the humorless Tecca writer, who labeled it racist, translated it.

The tweet — which has since been deleted — was written in Greek, but roughly translates to: “With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will be eating home-made food!”

I’m not exactly sure how that’s racist. Mosquitoes eat people.  It’s what they do. The Nile is in Africa.  Mosquitoes native to Africa eat Africans because that’s the group of people present.  Jokes are supposed to be a little absurd.

Of course, Twitter is meant to be deadly serious, and levity will not be allowed.

Once the Greek Olympic Committee learned of the cruel message, Papachristou was immediately removed from the country’s roster. Once it became clear that her tweet wasn’t as humorous as she perhaps thought it was, the Greek track star tweeted an apology.