Police Say Man Was High When He Killed Limerick Jogger

Police say 18-year old Justin Jackson was high when he crossed lanes in his Ford Focus, ran a car off the road and killed 40-year old jogger Merinda Thompson before ramming into a telephone pole.

I know, let’s legalize it.  Seems perfectly logical to me.  I’m sure the weed had nothing to do with his alleged bad judgement texting while driving or his impaired motor skills in being unable to regain control of the vehicle.

Someone should ask Daylin Leach, the Democrat Pennsylvania State Senator who wants to legalize marijuana for all purposes in the state, why he hates jogging mothers and wants to see children raised without them.

As a reminder, a study just found that smoking pot up to 3 hours before driving makes you twice as likely to cause – not be involved in, but cause – a car wreck, “especially those that are fatal.”  But you don’t need to tell Merinda Thompson that. Or her two kids. Or her husband. Or her parents.  They’re aware.

There are some things that are not worth any amount of money being added to our state’s coffers.  This is one of them.

According to authorities, the victim, 40-year-old Merinda Thompson of Royersford, was jogging along Lewis Road against traffic in the southbound shoulder.

At that time, polcie say Jackson was driving a green Ford Focus hatchback northbound when he crossed over the southbound lane, ran another car off the road, and then careened into the shoulder area of the road striking Thompson from behind.

The impact threw Thompson to a nearby parking lot.

Police say Jackson continued driving off the roadway in the opposite direction of traffic and struck a utility pole.

Believe it or not, there is some good news here.

“He just feels terrible about it,” Jackson’s attorney Frank Genovse said.

Oh, so long as he feels terrible.  I didn’t realize that.

After obtaining search warrants, police discovered a marijuana pipe and marijuana inside Jackson’s car in the area of the driver’s seat.


Lab analysis of the Jackson’s blood revealed the presence of marijuana in the his system, police say.

“We have two children who are going to be raised without a mother, a husband without his wife, parents without a daughter because he chose to drive a car after smoking dope and texting and not paying attention to the roadway,” [Montgomery County First Assistant Attorney District Kevin] Steele said.