PHILthy City: Wounded Temple Student Defends Self Against Teen Thug Would-Be Robbers

Robert Eells, a 21-year old Temple University student, used a licensed handgun he was legally permitted to carry to defend himself against a group of city youths who shot him during an attempted robbery.

After being shot in the stomach by a 15-year old assailant, Eells managed to shoot the thug in the chest and leg.  Both Eells and the scumbag are in stable condition at Temple University Hospital.

The young gunman and two teenage sidekicks came upon Robert Eells, 21, and a friend just before 2 a.m. on 12th Street near Dauphin. He tried to rob Eells and opened fire, at which point Eells shot back, police said.

Multiple shots were fired, and Eells was struck in the stomach and the robber in the chest and leg.


The would-be robber, whom police did not identify because of his age, will be charged, police said. Officers last night were looking for his two accomplices.

Police said that Eells, a sophomore from Chalfont, had a permit to carry a weapon. Temple officials confirmed his identity last night.

I guess the curfew doesn’t extend to 12th near Dauphin, or, now that the media is looking elsewhere, is no longer being enforced.  Or maybe the geniuses in charge didn’t think to extend it to the Sunday of three-day weekends.

Temple spokesman Ray Betzner said that Temple police were cooperating with the Philadelphia police investigation into the shooting. He also stressed that Temple had increased security efforts to keep the campus and the surrounding area safe.

Of course, of course.  That’s why three inner-city youths who were clearly not students were allowed to roam the streets robbing people at 2AM.

[Betzner] declined to comment on Eells’ decision to carry a weapon, but said that students are not allowed to have firearms on campus.

Lucky for Eells, I guess, that he was attacked off campus, where he’s allowed to have the same weaponry as the inner-city youth who aimed to harm.