PHILthy City: Teens From Winfrey-Funded Charter School In Custody For Attack

FOX29 has video of black teens from the Oprah Winfrey-funded Mastery Charter High School as they attacked a bystander near the school on July 29.

Oprah Winfrey donated $1 Million to this school for thugs last September.

It was a vicious and senseless beating; in other words par for the course in the PHILthy City.

The video shows a normally calm scene just after 1:45 p.m. on Friday, July 29th, and just blocks from Independence Hall.

A man is walking down 4th Street near Independence Hall toward Spruce Street as a group of teens starts to walk by. The man is wearing hospital scrubs.

As the students walk next to the man, one teen turns around, without warning, and punches the man in the head.

Six to eight students then swarm the man as he is pushed into a wall, kicking and punching him.

The entire group runs away, and a second camera catches them running away from the attack around a corner at 4th and Walnut Streets.

Another bystander runs over to check on the man, who gets back on his feet.

Sources tell Fox 29 that man was taken to Jefferson University Hospital with injuries to his head and teeth.

Three of the six criminals who police say beat the 36-year old man so badly he needed to be hospitalized turned themselves in to police on Wednesday, only after they had been identified and their parents had been informed they were due to be arrested for the crime. The remaining criminals are still at large.

The consequences in this latest case are serious. Police say the teenagers are fighting felony criminal charges including aggravated assault and related offenses. In addition, school officials told reporters, pending the outcome of their review, the students could be expelled.